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Tensions began between MHK, clubs and coaches in the Super League. While MHK’s 14th week’s referees were announced, Galatasaray and Beşiktaş were all in. In the Karagümrük match, Mustafa Öğretmenoğlu, who sent Fatih Terim to the tribune, was not played, while Mete Kalkavan was appointed to the Galatasaray-Göztepe match. Mustafa Cengiz said “Don’t give Mete Kalkavan! When the Galatasaray match is given, do not accept Kalkavan! ”

The Ankaragücü-Beşiktaş match was given to Halis Özkahya, who sent Sergen Yalçın to the stands both in Konyaspor and Malatyaspor during his teaching career. After playing the Erzurum match, Yalçın said, “You won’t be able to get me through by making perception. I do not swear at the referees. ”

It was claimed that MHK President Serdar Tatlı exerted great pressure on the referees. For this reason, it was claimed that many referees were stressed. The bearded state of Çakır, who directed the garden game, was also noteworthy.