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Demir Group Sivasspor coach Rıza Çalımbay made a statement before the Konyaspor match.

Çalımbay stated that the whole world was going through a difficult process due to the Kodiv-19 epidemic, “Both we and other teams were affected by this. It is very difficult to play league matches in such a process. We had a lot of difficulties. We played 13-14 people for some matches. Now we’re a little more comfortable. Of course we wouldn’t want to be eliminated from European cups. We had a lot of bad luck in the last 2 games in terms of players. I was convinced that we would do very well in the European cups, but we could not think of such bad luck. We tried very hard to do something in Europe, and we earned points in our country. We do not think of anything other than a victory in this match. We will do everything we can to prevail as if we were playing there on our own. Konyaspor also recovered, not like the beginning of the season. A team that I know very well. It will be a very difficult match, but our goal is definitely 3 points. I do not think of anything else, we will do everything we can to get him.

Noting that the players are also tired due to playing a match every three days, Çalımbay said:

“We do not have a spare stopper. These are not problems. We will go out on the field and do our best. Konyaspor match may be a match in which we will play with the widest staff. We have to make an exit. I hope that we will perform in Konya. “

Ziraat Turkey Cup 5th round match they played with Giresunspor match and the last 16 round the island they match the Demirspor match in assessing Çalımbay,” won Giresunspor match 1-0. Giresunspor is a good team and they are doing well in the league. They fought very well until the end of the match. They were very well concentrated. We did not quit until the last minute and we won 1-0. Other teams won hard in the cup. The matches were tough. Adana Demirspor also has a team close to the Super League and it showed this in Trabzon. Adana Demirspor match will not be easy either, they play well and we will pay attention. We will try to evaluate all matches well until the final. I believe that the deficiencies will return and the team will recover. I had no trouble for him. I watched the Fraport TAV Antalyaspor match from the tribune. From there I gave the necessary instructions to my friends. Of course, there are things that your hand is tied to. For example, I saw the Maccabi Tel-Aviv game as a final game, that was one of my biggest goals. We could not achieve this due to the lack of a large number of players. It was bad for us, otherwise we could have taken a tour from there very easily. Maccabi Tel-Aviv was not a better team than us, ”he said.