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In the 14th week of the Super League, Beşiktaş coach Sergen Yalçın, who beat Ankaragücü 1-0 with the goal of Vida, increased to 25 points in 13 matches, made statements at the end of the match. Speaking to the broadcaster, Yalçın commented on the match, which he interpreted as a valuable win, with the following words:

“It was a difficult match. Ankaragücü is fighting well, they are fighting, they are aggressive … 3 points taken on a cold Ankara evening are very pleasing for us. In the week our competitors won, we had to win and be in the front group. We had to win in a week that our competitors won and be in the front group. So it is a very valuable win. I told the players that we must score a goal from the standing ball during the break. We are a very dangerous team in side balls. Some of our players are tired. They are experiencing a decline. This is also very normal. We have entered a difficult period. Adem Ljajic and Gökhan Töre have not been with us for a month. I don’t think they’ll be back on Monday. “We have to play different players in different regions. We cannot play with the same players all the time. These are people too. It was not a very nice game in terms of game. But winning is hugely important. Football is not always a good game. When you don’t score, you win. You are the big team. You’re scoring a goal. ”


Beşiktaş did not make a mistake in Başkent: 0-1

23. Sergen Yalçın reacted to the referee Halis Özkahya’s whistle for a foul before the ball went to the net in the position Larin sent to the nets with a head kick per minute, saying, “Larin played a foul in the goal he scored before he hit the head. I don’t think it’s a foul. But the referee blew the whistle early. When it rings early, the position cannot go to VAR either. This position would have been a goal if it had gone to VAR. Why are you whistling? YES, there is. Wait, give the goal. If there is a foul, they say it from the VAR, and you go and see. The Federation says I speak against sportsmanship. What is against sportsmanship in what I said? I am stating my site, TFF penalizes me for unsportsmanlike behavior. Is there a word against sportsmanship. After the Alanya match, I explained the situation in Turkish football, then what happened. Is it enough? Unfortunately, the VAR does not decide in our favor. When we reproach, the federation is penalized ”.