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Trabzonspor met Galatasaray in the 15th week of the Super League. Guest team Galatasaray won the match 2-0.

After the match, Galatasaray Deputy Coach Levent Şahin said, “When we look at the game in general, it was a comfortable match for us. The biggest factor of this was that the friends who were involved in the field and the game took place on the field by combining their skills with their best efforts in tactical understanding. A goal was scored towards the end of the first half and within the first 10 minutes of the second half. But in general, we studied our lesson well for today. We reflected the tactical understanding on the field well. I think the team that controlled the game was Galatasaray. ”

Şahin said,“ When we decided which player we needed and which player to play with Oğulcan, he did everything he could on the field. It was Oğulcan who stood out today. I think that any of our friends will be on the field in the same way if they are assigned a task from now on. Arda Turan goes by adding on it. Just like our other friends. The presence of Arda is a great energy in Florya both inside and outside the field… This is also seen on the field. Falcao was cast for the first time after a long hiatus. He’s in incredible training to find his own form over time. It needs a certain process. I think we will see a strong Falcao like the other friends when you complete it, ”he said.


Summit changed hands in Super League … End of series in Trabzon