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In the 9th week of the Super League, FT Antalyaspor lost 2-0 to Aytemiz Alanyaspor, which it hosted in its field. Speaking to the reporters at the end of the match, FT Antalyaspor’s Technical Director Ersun Yanal said that they were the team that produced the position throughout the match.

Yanal, speaking of the game played by Alanyaspor, said with praise:

“Alanyaspor is one of the best teams of the league. . We know that they have been doing very good work for 3 years. Despite this, we had the position advantage in the match. We played against a team that knew what it was doing. Our stay of 10 people affected the result. It is necessary not to miss the clear positions entered in such matches. Our opponent was on the field with a full team, and we were very lacking. I am hopeful that we will create a young, open-minded staff. I was impressed by the game and excitement of my team until 1-0. There are smart and strong players in the opponent. ”

Yanal criticized the referee about the card and said,“ I think the referee acted unfairly about the card. Hakan should not leave the team alone, ”he said.


MATCH RESULT | Antalyaspor 0-2 Alanyaspor