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Explaining that he will be a candidate in the ordinary elections planned to be held in Galatasaray in May, Metin Öztürk organized a meeting with the leading names of the yellow-red community through video conferencing method. Prof. Dr. Metin Ünlü, İsmail Sarıkaya, Erhan Gündal, Gürkan Eliçin, Ömer Tümay, Arif Badur, Mustafa Ekeman, Emir Kıvcık, Çetin Öztürk, Ahmet Tirali, Yasin Çakmak took the floor at the meeting moderated by Emre Alkin.

Gürkan Eliçin, 7+ He said that the first 2 years of the 2-year contract were the rose garden without thorns, and the aftermath was disastrous years. Eliçin stated that a management with a duration of 5 months puts the future administrations in trouble with this agreement.

Arif Badur said that by giving importance to infrastructure in football, the debts can be reduced with the income obtained from here, Erhan Gündal also supported this view. Stating that the non-transparent environment in question endangers the future of the club, Ömer Tümay emphasized that he is worried about the situation. Expressing that the club is represented by an unauthorized management, Metin Ünlü stated that the signatures made and to be made are unlawful.

The participants stated that the borrowing between the Sportif and the Association endangered the existence of the association due to the wrong practices, and all the real estates of the club, especially the island, could be at risk. They expressed.

Galatasaray Presidential Candidate Metin Öztürk said that the details of the agreement to be extended with the Banks Association should be announced. Stating that the terms of the agreement were hidden from the club members, Öztürk called out to the management and said, “Do not darken the future of Galatasaray by hiding information.”


Galatasaray will apply to the Arbitration Board for Fatih Terim