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Fenerbahçe Club announced that the legal process ended after the negotiations with Max Kruse, who terminated his contract last season and left the team.

The statement of the Bundesliga team, said Kruse, who played in Union Berlin, as follows:

The legal process, which has been on the agenda for a while between our actor Max Kruse and where various unrealistic speculations were produced, was concluded with peace as of today. p> Once again, we ask our community and the public not to rely on various speculative agendas created on many issues, and to wait for the official statements of our club. Max Kruse stated that his salary was almost never paid since February 2020.

Reason for termination “I terminated my contract with the Fenerbahçe Club on June 18, 2020, with immediate effect. Unfortunately, the club had hardly paid my salary since February 2020, which forced me to take this step. An important part of the delays accumulated since February 2020 has not been compensated so far. As I never broke the contract during my professional life, I would not have used such a termination if Fenerbahçe had complied with the terms of the contract. I ask you to understand that I cannot explain more details.

Kicker stated that Kruse won the case filed by applying to FIFA and Fenerbahçe had to pay the price in question.